Remy® Starters and Alternators for Passenger Cars

Remy® starters and alternators dominate the aftermarket by:

  • Finding innovative ways to differentiate our products from the competition

  • Offering industry-leading, full-line vehicle coverage

  • Always delivering the best design for the application

Whether you are looking for top-of-the-line starters and alternators with OE-level performance, a quality remanufactured part or affordable, dependable starters and alternators validated according to Remy’s stringent standards, Remy has a part to fit your needs.



Starters and Alternators Comparison Chart

Starters and Alternators for Passenger Cars Grade Coverage Segment Warranty Ideal For
Gold Premium For selected makes and models The best product available 5 years INSTALLERS LOOKING FOR THE BEST PART YOU CAN FIT ON YOUR CAR
Remanufactured Premium More than 95% coverage of European and Asian vehicles For a cleaner environment 3 years INSTALLERS LOOKING FOR REMANUFACTURED PARTS ACCORDING TO OE SPECS VALUING THE ENVIRONMENT AND THE BROADEST COVERAGE
Smart Mid-Grade More than 80% coverage of European and Asian vehicles The right product at the right price 2 years INSTALLERS LOOKING FOR BROAD COVERAGE, A RELIABLE PRODUCT AND GOOD VALUE