Remy® Starters and Alternators

Remy® Starters and Alternators

Passenger Cars


Remy® starters and alternators dominate the aftermarket by:

  • Finding innovative ways to differentiate our offer from the competition

  • Offering industry-leading, full-line vehicle coverage

  • Always delivering the best design for the application

Whether you are looking for top-of-the-line starters and alternators with OE-level performance, a quality remanufactured part or affordable, dependable starters and alternators validated according to Remy’s stringent standards, Remy has a part to fit your needs.


Heavy Duty


Remy® Heavy Duty starters and alternators dominate the aftermarket with first-to-market part numbers and industry-leading coverage.

Whether you are looking for durability on industrial applications, dependability for long distance trucking or reliability in the harshest of elements, Remy has a Heavy Duty starter and alternator for you.

Our dedicated team of engineers analyzes, measures and tests each product, guaranteeing:

  • Optimal fit and function
  • Matching OE cranking and charging performance
  • Component interchangeability on most models

All of our parts are validated to meet TS16949 quality system standards.

With Remy Heavy Duty starters and alternators, you can be sure that you are receiving the best part for each application and a performance that matches the OE design.