Remy Remanufactured Calipers


Remy Remanufactured calipers offer top performance and quality at a very competitive price.

  • Wide application coverage for European, Korean and Japanese vehicles.
  • Include EPB calipers
  • Remanufactured under stringent Remy standards
  • Function and fit like OE calipers

Remy Remanufactured calipers undergo extensive testing and inspections to ensure they deliver a trouble-free installation.

Every Remy Remanufactured caliper includes:

  • OE-matched design and specifications
  • EPDM70 rubber components for superior heat resistance, performance and durability
  • Electroplating on all cast iron housings for all-weather protection
  • New pistons
  • Pre-lubricated guide pins when needed
  • Surface finish to closely resemble OE

Remy works tirelessly to ensure our calipers are tested to the highest multinational industry standards.


Our calipers are put through extensive testing to ensure you are receiving the highest quality product, including:

  • Rubber components and seals performance and testing
  • Caliper assembly performance testing
  • Recommended practices for strength and fatigue life of calipers
  • Humidity and salt spray corrosion resistance


Testing parameters include:

  • High and low pressure leak testing
  • Extreme pressure strength and leak testing
  • Cyclic durability under extreme temperatures
  • Piston retraction, fluid displacement and residual drag torque
  • Humidity and salt spray testing for corrosion resistance
  • Rubber aging and degradation resistance
  • OE-matched (or better) performance testing