Remy® Products Overview





Remy® has been a giant in the automotive aftermarket industry for over a century. Remy is committed to manufacturing high-quality starters and alternators, brake and steering parts that offer unparalleled performance and safety.

At Remy, we are proud of our heritage, but continuously strive to be innovators in our industry. Whether it is the cutting-edge Heavy-Duty 24 volt gear reduction starter on our premium line of Gold Heavy-Duty starters and alternators or the brand-new Smart brake caliper that requires no core return, Remy is always looking for ways to revolutionize the aftermarket industry and differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

From rotating electrics to calipers, brake discs, brake pads, steering racks, pumps or electric steering columns Remy offers dependable parts with expansive coverage. All of our products are extensively tested so you can be sure you are buying a product that is reliable and safe. Rely on Remy to deliver parts that you can depend on.

Remy offers the best quality from OE to remanufactured products.