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Careers with Remy

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Attached is information on the following job offering at Remy:

Position:      Credit Controller

Location:      Miskolc








  • katalin

    ”I am part of a great team in Hungary. It is a workplace with full of challenges yet very rewarding mentality. The work life balance is not just a declamation. I feel I am on the best place possible.“

    - Katalin Juhász

  • agnes

    ”Besides the fact that I like my job and I find pleasure in it every day, I also feel lucky because of the people who work here. People believe in teamwork and cooperation, help each other, thus the defined goals aren’t so enormous. There is a good career path that is supported by the management, I feel every day that people really matter here.”

    - Ágnes Csontos

  • livia

    “Working at Remy was probably the best decision. There are several potentials for people who want to develop in their profession and look for challenging projects. The products we design or develop and produce are so diversified that every day is unique, we need to be creative and open for more and more thrilling technological challenges. An engineer can’t dream about more various and exciting industry and company than automotive aftermarket and Remy.”

    - Tamásné Orosz


Getting work experience under your university years makes your career start easier. As a significant member of the company you gain valuable experience in various areas and deep knowledge. Choosing the company you will launch your career at is an important decision, because that will help you to find your professional influencers. We take this role seriously and provide everything you need to become an influencer of the future.